Why Britain Must Leave the EU


On June 23rd 2016, Britain will decide whether to remain in the European Union or leave it. This decision affects each and every one of us who reside here; we have been gifted with the power to decide the fate of our nation, with each of us playing our individual role as judge and jury. As a result, I must make it very clear how essential it is that Britain calls upon her legendary courage and leaves the EU.

David Cameron is doing his best to scare the public into thinking this nation would collapse without being hand-held by the EU, but his argument is weak – and it is weak because he knows he has no real, viable argument. He argues a loss of jobs, loss of revenue and loss of support from European countries. But he, like many of the IN campaign supporters, are focussed primarily on money, despite much opposition to the contrary that Britain would flourish just as fine on her own. He is, in essence, a coward, afraid to rock the swiftly-sinking EU boat, unwilling to take the necessary risk this country needs in order to ensure its protection and prosperity in the long term. He ignores the very real threat of terrorists flooding into our country, seemingly under the strange apprehension that the shootings in France or the sex attacks in Germany would not happen over here. What good is it to focus primarily on income when the very lives of your citizens are at risk? How can he or his supporters allow safety to take a back-seat to greed, when one of the Paris terrorists had already been identified as an Islamist who had hidden among migrants and carried out his vile deed? How, also, can his supporters ignore the fact that this island simply cannot hold and support the thousands upon thousands of people flocking in due to the crisis in the Middle East? It spells only disaster and it is a sad day when unrealistic idealism trumps common sense and reason.

Some EU supporters will justify their decision to stay in the European Union by saying, “Well, it’s worked so far. We are fine. Why not stay in?” To that I would answer, times are changing and changing swiftly, nor are they changing for the better. The rise of ISIS, war in Syria and the influx of refugees – of which the EU has failed miserably to control in an effective manner – sends loud, clear, warning bells for this nation. Brussels have exposed the EU for what it truly is – a failed experiment, one which now puts the lives of every single person in this country at risk. The European Union are desperate for the UK to stick with them; after all, we give them £350 million every week. Of course, they would hate to see us leave! In return, we have the benefit of an EU dictatorship which ordains 75% of our laws, including refusing to allow us the right to deport terrorists who walk our own streets; we also have the benefit of being ordered to take thousands and thousands of migrants, where Islamic Extremists sneak in among the innocent and swell the ranks of homegrown extremists we have right here in Britain. May I also remind everyone reading this that it is the ultimate goal of every Islamist out there to strive for a worldwide Caliphate. It may be absurd for your average person in this country to imagine living in a world where non-believers are executed in brutal horrific ways, adulterers are stoned, homosexuals and the disabled are murdered for not fitting the creed and where girls are prostituted, raped and beaten as prizes for the everyday Islamist; but that is the downside to living in a privileged country. The horrors of the outside world are so alien to you that you let down your guard, you get too comfortable and you think nothing could disrupt the freedom, rights and benefits that being a citizen of this country gives you. Yet, even now, we have the very same people committing these atrocious acts in the Middle East working underground in our own country to play their role in spreading this cancerous ideology on a global scale; we have leaders who turn a blind eye to the serious dangers of keeping our borders wide open, where these people who detest us and our way of life are given the opportunity to sneak in. Last year alone, MI5 foiled 6 major terrorist plots in this country. The words ‘ticking time bomb’ spring to mind and anyone who thinks that our secret services can keep containing this unexploded bomb are fooling themselves.

At the end of the day, I suppose your decision to vote in or out depends entirely on what your priorities are. If your primary concern is wealth, so much that you choose to ignore the imminent threat that faces us, to live purely for the here and now, to sacrifice responsibility for luxury, then you will no doubt lean towards staying in the EU. If you are a socialist of Corbyn-type mindset who fails to recognize that temporary compassion for the unfortunate will result in the destruction of an entire nation and culture many years down the line, you will support the EU. If, however, you are concerned about the safety and well-being of your children, grandchildren, loved ones and future generations who have no say in the decision we will make for them today, you will vote out. Benjamin Franklin put it brilliantly:“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and will lose both.” No other sentiment could apply so aptly at this crucial point in our history. We have lost much of our independence and our identity already to the European Union. How much more are we willing to lose? Our ancestors sacrificed themselves in two great wars so that we may live as free people in the safety of our own country. Are we going to be so selfish and foolish as to condemn our own descendants to the complete opposite?

The EU is crumbling. It is up to us to decide whether we will sink with it, or save ourselves and swim to shore while we still can. For the sake of our country, our loved ones and our future, we must be brave and do the right thing. We must vote out.


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If We Don’t Defend Our Island, No One Will


There is a growing threat to our country, one that has been lurking in the shadows for a number of years now, which has slowly but surely seeped onto our own streets and caused destruction in its wake. The brutal beheading of our soldier, Lee Rigby; the infiltration of over 20 primary schools in England, where Islamic Extremists successfully and shockingly managed to impose their views and lifestyles onto the children of this country, segregating Christian children from others, banning Arts, Music and Humanities, and inviting Islamists with their extreme views to give lectures to the students. The alarmingly increasing amount of male and female Muslims who are leaving the country for Jihad; their atrocities have been well-documented, including female-run brothels where kidnapped women are used for the perverse sexual pleasures of Extremists, and one ‘British’ Jihadist who was responsible for the murders of two American men and a British citizen recently. These barbaric practices, these savage methods used by ISIS and their supporters, would see us thrown right back to the Middle Ages, trampling over hundreds of years worth of progress and civilization. This is something that we, the British public, cannot allow to happen. There can be no worse nightmare than seeing a replica of the horrors currently in the Middle East right here in our country – in Western Civilization, where we value freedom and democracy, we are opposed by Extremists and psychopaths who seem void of all humanity, who do not hesitate to behead and crucify ‘non-believers’ whether this be men, women or children. As a nation, we are gripped in horror by the abomination of ISIS which has expanded globally and now poses a serious threat to our way of life and everyone we hold dear. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow them to carry out their barbaric practices here and impose such monstrosities on us in their goal to establish a Caliphate state.


I am, therefore, proud to announce that I will be marching in a peaceful protest on 18th October to Downing Street. This march, organized by members of the military, will consist of ordinary citizens such as myself and veterans of this country – people who are proud of this island and will do everything within our power to protect her. This is a neutral march with no political agenda. Everyone from all walks of life is welcome to attend. Respect for the aim of this march will be a common grounding that we all share, where political differences will be placed to the side in order that we might join together and work towards our goal. Whatever colour you are, whatever religion you are, whatever creed you consider yourself to belong to, as long as you are here in Britain and you abhor the monstrous methods of ISIS and their ilk, as long as you feel compelled to protect your way of life and the people you love, then your presence in this march is desired – indeed, crucial. Those of us who understand the importance of respect for all different peoples and wish to preserve these ideals represent the majority of us – and as a majority we can make a huge impact in our country. We can let our government know that we will not tolerate these barbarians and we can let these barbarians know that we will not be forced into submission, or quail under their vile, backwards methods.


Therefore, I would call upon everyone who is able to attend this march to join us. Let’s stand together and follow the footsteps of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who also refused to cave in when a foreign foe threatened to breach our soil. We stand at a dangerous brink, for there are Islamists in our country right now, walking our streets and recruiting with each day that passes. They have no respect for our way of life, nor for any life that does not adhere to their preposterous demands. It is time to show them that we will not tolerate this any longer. And if you are unable to attend the march, then please sign the petition (link below) which appeals to the British Prime Minister to counter Islamic Extremism. If everyone reading this, regardless of what country you are from, signs the petition then it would provide even greater strength towards our goal. This is a worldwide issue and the only way we can stop it is to unite with all those around the world against a common enemy. Not even 80 years ago, WWII took the lives of millions of brave men and women who fought and died so that we may have the freedom we have today. We cannot let their deaths be in vain by allowing ISIS to succeed in what Hitler and his Nazis failed to do. The British public have always risen superbly to the occasion when outside terror threatens their way of life. This time will be no different. March with us – march for your loved ones – march for Britain!

SIGN PETITION HERE: http://www.facebook.com/marchforuk

To the British Public: Your Country Needs You

sir_winston_s_churchillIn his book ‘The Second World War’, Winston Churchill wrote, “It is my purpose, as one who lived and acted in these days, to show how easily the tragedy of the Second World War could have been prevented: how the malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous; how the structure and habits of democratic States lack those elements of persistence and conviction which can alone give security to humble masses. We shall see how the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger; how the middle course adopted from desires for safety and a quiet life may be found to lead direct to the bulls-eye of disaster.”

If this sounds familiar to anyone, it’s because it is – and it applies to the threat of Islam today. Extremists play on hatred and resentment just the same way Hitler did. The allies of today have failed to establish a secure state for the people in the Middle East, the same way the allies of yesterday failed to do so with Germany after WW1; in both instances, it has given the opportunity for extremism to rise and poison the minds of others. The counsels of prudence and restraint is today’s Political Correctness, something that has forced the vast majority of Brits into silence and submission. The desires for safety and a quiet life represent our politicians who hide behind the shield of PC in order to ignore the growing cancer that is Islam, sending the country into a sick form of mental siege.

The signs are there. One of the most important aspects of history is to learn from it. But we are failing miserably. The most terrible conflict in the history of the world happened not even 80 years ago – have our government and people truly become so lax, so forgetful, that we can’t see just how dangerous the threat of Islam is to our country and to the world? And here is what makes it even more dangerous: the Nazis never got to Britain. But Islamic Extremists are here in our country, numbering in their thousands. Our military strength has been significantly reduced over the years. Our politicians are weak, our authorities encourage submission and our nation is trapped in a certain mindset, where to speak against the dangers of Islam is to be accused of being a racist bigot in league with right-wing radicals who detest anyone not of white Anglo-Saxon blood. All the perfect ingredients for a tyrannical, backwards, barbarian peoples to invade us.


This is what will come to pass unless we make some drastic changes. It makes you wonder about the millions of people who died during the Second World War, many of whom sacrificed their lives so that we could be free. Are we really going to allow Islam to strip us of the same freedom that they died for? For years, Politically Correct politicians have ordained that we feel ashamed of our British heritage – the result is this: a nation that is weak, both mentally and physically. Pray there is not another war because, as things stand, our chances of winning will be extremely slim. We have our spineless politicians to thank for this. The belief that we are heading towards World War III is not far-fetched; it is a very real, very worrying possibility.

But it is not too late. The British people have always risen superbly to the challenge when tyranny comes knocking at the door. If we act now, if we change our way of thinking and recognize the problem for exactly what it is, if we demand that our government take tougher measures to rid ourselves of these extremists, if we demand that money used for Foreign Aid is reduced so that we may instead use that money to bolster our defences, if we show these extremists that we will not cower before them, then we may stand a chance. These monsters have already brutally taken the life of one of our soldiers on our own pavement; they have beheaded two Americans and now threaten to murder a British man; they have rampaged their way through the Middle East, butchering and beheading as they please; they have been allowed to infect our streets, including our schools, with their poisonous hatred. Their ultimate goal is to establish a Caliphate State right here in Britain, and anyone who believes otherwise is fooling themselves. There must be no confusion about what constitutes as ‘British’; black, white, brown, mixed, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic – if you are in Britain, from Britain, live and work in Britain and you respect British values, then you are British. If you are in Britain, from Britain, live and work in Britain and you have no respect for British values and instead wish to impose your ways and beliefs on Britain, then you are not British. If you are a Muslim that rejects the brutal, barbaric methods used by extremism, then stand up and say it. I’m horrified by the fact that the vast majority of Muslims in this country seem to be keeping silent and, when questioned, instead revert back to how Islam is the ‘religion of peace’. But the submissive teachings of Islam do not allow its followers to question its methods, so that can only be expected. It is not, however, acceptable.

We all share one thing in common and that is the growing threat of Islamic Extremism, one that could have a devastating impact on the civilized world in years to come. Our only chance of conquering it is to stand united, no different to our ancestors. They did not allow us to fall victim to the tyranny and oppression of Nazi Germany, and we must not allow future generations to be at the mercy of this fresh wave of barbarians.  We cannot allow what is happening in the Middle East to spread further. We cannot allow the seeds of evil Islamic Extremism that have been planted here continue to grow. We mustn’t make the same mistakes that people made after the First World War, where the desire for peace only contributed towards the destruction of it. Our children and grandchildren must not pay the price for our ignorance and lack of action. We must act now, before it is too late.                                                                                                                                          never-surrender

Islamic Extremism: Enemy at the Gate

The simple pleasures in life bring so much joy. Waking up on Christmas morning to open presents, laughing with family and tucking into a scrumptious dinner. Going out with friends to enjoy a night out and merrily drinking to your heart’s content. Watching your favourite TV shows and discussing them afterwards. Choosing what you want to study at college/university with aspirations to enter your chosen career. This is life as we know it. Free to live, free to love, free to laugh, free to choose.

Now imagine a world where none of this existed. A world where Christmas is banned and anyone found celebrating it will be instantly killed. A world where going out with friends on a drunken night out is forbidden and will be met with severe consequences. Where your favourite TV shows are no longer allowed to air. Where your career path is chosen for you. Where you’re no longer free to live as you wish, love as you wish, laugh as you wish and certainly no longer free to make choices.

This is the world that awaits us if Islamic Extremists get hold of this country. Slowly, but surely, they are manifesting within our borders. They are multiplying at an alarming rate. They are free to come and go as they please because our government will not take measures to stop them. They detest our way of life and everything we stand for. They will not hesitate to kill, brutally and barbarically, anyone who defies them. Convert or die, that is the only choice we will be free to make.

Some people will tell you there is no real issue and that what happens in the Middle East stays in the Middle East. Others will, in typical appeasement fashion, state that we are all equals and must avoid conflict at all costs; they come out with the cliche term about how “not all Muslims are bad, therefore we must keep our mouths shut because we are afraid of being branded racists.” We KNOW not all Muslims are bad, we’re not stupid. But this fear of uttering a single bad word about Islam is what has helped cower us into mental siege and given Extremism more power. What’s happening in the Middle East will happen here if we don’t act now. These people are grossly misguided. Furthermore, while the extreme left-wingers will try to find a middle-ground, the Extremists will happily murder the lot of us in the meantime. There is no middle-ground with those people, unless you are willing to join them.

Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Jew, Atheist, Humanist, Agnostic, Muslim – it doesn’t matter what you are or what you consider yourself to be. If you oppose the barbaric cruelty that ISIS are determined to spread far and wide, then it is imperative you become aware of the very real dangers they pose. Already in the UK, a British soldier was beheaded on our streets. More recently, an American journalist was beheaded, while the perpetrators gloated and laughed. This year, Islamic Extremists quietly infiltrated over twenty primary schools in England; their policy change included segregating boys and girls, sending Christian children to the corner so they were unable to learn and banning Arts, Music and Humanities. We have seen this type of thing before, not even eighty years ago. No one thought the Nazis would grow so powerful, but they did. The widespread destruction they caused created astronomical terror. Under no circumstances can history be allowed to repeat itself. We in the western civilization cannot allow our ignorance, or fascination with celebrities or corporations and their up-to date gadgets to further take priority away from what truly deserves our attention: a threat to our way of life, the very real possibility of having to submit to Shariah Law. There is no exaggeration here; the people in the Middle East are living the nightmare as we speak. To protect our children, our parents, our siblings, our family and our friends, we must make a stand.

If you value your freedoms, freedoms that we so often take for granted, then take note of this. Recognize that this threat is very real and it comes closer with each day that passes. The enemy is at the gates; some are even inside our walls at this very moment. Churchill and his brave men and women didn’t fight and die for us just so Islamic Extremists could achieve what Hitler failed to do! We can’t allow a world where future generations will suffer at the hands of these merciless barbarians. Do not be afraid to speak the truth. Others will attack you and castigate you for speaking the truth; they will accuse you of being a ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’. But, unwittingly, these over-politically correct individuals give more power to the Extremists. We are silenced by our fear of social stigma. This way of thinking has to change before it is too late. The time to act is now.

Woolwich Attack: How Extreme Islamic Brainwashing Has Seeped Into The Streets Of London

lee-rigby_m_1733412aEarlier today, a British soldier by the name of Lee Rigby was hacked to death by a pair of Islamic extremists in the streets of South-East London. I cannot begin to express the stomach-churning horror I felt upon seeing this news. And why does the Woolwich Attack have a specific type of significance compared to other knife crimes in the city? Several reasons:

The Woolwich Attack was an attack on a member of the Armed Forces – a man who dedicated his life to protecting this country – by a pair of twisted, evil individuals who are a product of the preaching hatred that has been ALLOWED to run amok in this country. Does no one else feel utter astonishment at the fact that our borders have been opened up to extremists who, for years now, have been given the freedom to drill into the heads of mindless saps why they must ‘destroy the west and kill all the people inside it’? Is no one else amazed that these incredibly dangerous people were not shipped off at the first sign of the dangers they posed to society? Above all, when you reach right down to the core, is anyone really shocked that such a distressing, horrendous thing has happened today? We talk of ticking time bombs and this is one such bomb that was set to explode when those in power showed just how weak they truly are when they refused to protect this country and allowed these parasites to thrive. The left-wing government allowed this hatred in; they allowed it to fester and grow and spread through the country like poison. These disgusting individuals with their extreme views and their vile methods have already displayed how uncivilized they are in other parts of the world. Now, because of weak leadership from our government, they have been given the opportunity to exercise their beliefs and contempt for the country inside our own borders, and in the most horrifying way possible – a brutal, violent murder on a British soldier, a man who loved his country enough to live his life protecting it, who stares proudly into the camera in the photo, proud to be a member of our armed forces. How ironic that the country he lived and died for should fail to protect him, for he didn’t die outside our borders, but on our very streets. He didn’t die protecting our land – he died at the hands of those who were granted the freedom to access this land by the people in power who clearly didn’t have the foresight to see the long-term damage that would occur … or else, didn’t care enough to act. Were this 1939, it would have been a bit like handing Hitler a gun and saying, “Come in, Adolf, kill who you want and take what you want.” Sounds obscene, doesn’t it? But there’s not much difference between that and the preachy extremists who have been given their freedom of speech – the freedom to teach people how to hate and commit murder on innocent people. Have we really become so ‘civilized’ that we can allow such a lack of civilization on our streets?

Furthermore, this horrendous human being (and I use this term loosely) then tried to justify his reasons for the Woolwich Attack – he had the audacity to try and speak in a reasonable way into the camera:

“I apologize that women had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same … You people will never be safe – remove your government, they don’t care about you!“

How sickening that such people exist. It is degrading for me to even attempt to counter these words. I shall simply say that this is the result of low intelligence+brainwashing+evil. He is right about one thing though: we will never be safe from evil beings such as him as long as our government do not fulfill their duty by protecting the people and removing this hatred from the system. As well as this, this mindless killer does not sound like someone fresh off the boat from ‘his country’, wherever that may be; his accent is of one who has undoubtedly been here for a number of years. It would be no surprise if it came to light that this is a person who has leeched off the system, received housing and job benefits from taxpayers – and, after being shot by the police who unfortunately failed to silence him for good, was then treated by the NHS, the National Health Service which is paid for by the taxpayer. The magnitude of this outrageous, ridiculous system is colossal and the facts speak for themselves. The barbaric murderer with the blood of an innocent man on his hands hates this country, yet lives in this country and is paid money to live, eat and breathe by those of us who pay our taxes; he then kills a soldier of the army in cold blood and is then TREATED by our National Health Service, which we also pay for. Is no one else appalled and disgusted by this utter shambles of a system, a system that was created by the left-wingers all those years ago and doomed to fail from the start?

What a shame that the crowds of people who witnessed the Woolwich Attack did not band together and try and stop these aggressors from fulfilling their sick intentions. But understandably people were afraid and men were threatened to stay back – it is wishful thinking to believe that everyone could have banded together to save this man’s life. But we have been taught to conform, to stand and watch, to record videos and take pictures with our phones and cameras; the ‘bystander effect’ truly took effect today and it’s times like this that I wish human nature would show the best of itself, by banding together and preventing a tragic event such as this. But that is wishful thinking; changing out mindsets can only occur within the status quo when we change our leaders – cowardly leaders produce societies that are afraid to act. Aside from this gruesome attack, another disturbing factor is the amount of racism that will occur in days to come. Your Average Joe is going to look at what happened today and think, “Muslims. They’re evil. Get them out.” As is always the case with unintelligent people, they will fail to recognize that evil comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and religions. That all shapes, sizes, colours and religions have their good and bad and that there are a number of peaceful Muslims out there. But this is the hard fact: Islam is not a religion of peace. That number of peaceful Muslims, large or small, are essentially irrelevant, for they must keep quiet; but their peacefulness cannot deter attention away from the countless Muslims who follow the ways of their prophet and inflict cruelty and murder everywhere they go. Throughout the Middle East, extremist Jihads run rife, enforcing their rules upon all they come into contact with and beheading Christians and other minorities in their hundreds, claiming to do it by the will of Allah. Since when did the will of any God advocate the evil slaughter of a human being, simply because his belief differs from the perpetrator’s and, most disturbingly, how can such backward barbaric practices be allowed to spread far and wide in the ‘civilized’ societies we strive for today? They are a threat to our society, way of living and to our very lives. The politically correct brigade condemn anyone who speaks the truth in the matter, but it is their exact type of attitude that has helped result in the murder of our soldier today. One of the biggest evils and threats we face are Islamic extremists,  who at heart are no different to the Nazis of WWII, and the sooner our weak-willed politicians realize this and stop faffing around with stealing expenses, the sooner we can eliminate this problem. I can see racial tensions at an all-time high after this; isn’t it ironic that this has all been born from the liberals, whose goal was to create racial harmony?

Yes, I am angry. I am infuriated that a man who lived to protect our island has died in such a senseless attack and killed by people who have no respect for this country, who feel such a burning hatred for us and our ideals, who have taken advantage to the point of now spilling the blood of a British soldier. The Woolwich Attack only proves one thing and if you are a Member of Parliament, then sit up in your comfortable, cosy little chair and listen – These extremists are a danger to the people. They are taking the piss out of our country and they are now murdering good men who risk their lives to protect us. You have failed to protect him today; how many more have to die before you sit up and actually act on this cancer that has spread throughout our island?

Years ago, Churchill and all the brave members of the army, RAF and navy stopped invasion by the Nazis; before this, Napoleon tried to conquer Britain and failed; going even further back, Elizabeth 1st defeated the Spanish Armada and subsequently prevented Spain from invading. Have we really broken the flow of history now by allowing people with just as much hatred and resentment as previous foes to walk freely in our country and spread their dissent and cruelty throughout our streets? Have we allowed ourselves to be invaded, thanks to lily-livered politicians who are scared of their own shadows and given freedom of speech to those who would use it as a weapon to destroy this country? Where is the British fighting spirit? Stand up and be proud of this country and all those who have died for us, no matter what race or religion you are; remember a good man who died today because there are those out there who hate this island and want to cause her harm. The tolerance we have shown for these extremists is over, for where was their tolerance when they mercilessly beheaded one of our soldiers? Wake up and act – our government have failed in their duty, but that doesn’t mean we have to.