To the British Public: Your Country Needs You

sir_winston_s_churchillIn his book ‘The Second World War’, Winston Churchill wrote, “It is my purpose, as one who lived and acted in these days, to show how easily the tragedy of the Second World War could have been prevented: how the malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous; how the structure and habits of democratic States lack those elements of persistence and conviction which can alone give security to humble masses. We shall see how the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger; how the middle course adopted from desires for safety and a quiet life may be found to lead direct to the bulls-eye of disaster.”

If this sounds familiar to anyone, it’s because it is – and it applies to the threat of Islam today. Extremists play on hatred and resentment just the same way Hitler did. The allies of today have failed to establish a secure state for the people in the Middle East, the same way the allies of yesterday failed to do so with Germany after WW1; in both instances, it has given the opportunity for extremism to rise and poison the minds of others. The counsels of prudence and restraint is today’s Political Correctness, something that has forced the vast majority of Brits into silence and submission. The desires for safety and a quiet life represent our politicians who hide behind the shield of PC in order to ignore the growing cancer that is Islam, sending the country into a sick form of mental siege.

The signs are there. One of the most important aspects of history is to learn from it. But we are failing miserably. The most terrible conflict in the history of the world happened not even 80 years ago – have our government and people truly become so lax, so forgetful, that we can’t see just how dangerous the threat of Islam is to our country and to the world? And here is what makes it even more dangerous: the Nazis never got to Britain. But Islamic Extremists are here in our country, numbering in their thousands. Our military strength has been significantly reduced over the years. Our politicians are weak, our authorities encourage submission and our nation is trapped in a certain mindset, where to speak against the dangers of Islam is to be accused of being a racist bigot in league with right-wing radicals who detest anyone not of white Anglo-Saxon blood. All the perfect ingredients for a tyrannical, backwards, barbarian peoples to invade us.


This is what will come to pass unless we make some drastic changes. It makes you wonder about the millions of people who died during the Second World War, many of whom sacrificed their lives so that we could be free. Are we really going to allow Islam to strip us of the same freedom that they died for? For years, Politically Correct politicians have ordained that we feel ashamed of our British heritage – the result is this: a nation that is weak, both mentally and physically. Pray there is not another war because, as things stand, our chances of winning will be extremely slim. We have our spineless politicians to thank for this. The belief that we are heading towards World War III is not far-fetched; it is a very real, very worrying possibility.

But it is not too late. The British people have always risen superbly to the challenge when tyranny comes knocking at the door. If we act now, if we change our way of thinking and recognize the problem for exactly what it is, if we demand that our government take tougher measures to rid ourselves of these extremists, if we demand that money used for Foreign Aid is reduced so that we may instead use that money to bolster our defences, if we show these extremists that we will not cower before them, then we may stand a chance. These monsters have already brutally taken the life of one of our soldiers on our own pavement; they have beheaded two Americans and now threaten to murder a British man; they have rampaged their way through the Middle East, butchering and beheading as they please; they have been allowed to infect our streets, including our schools, with their poisonous hatred. Their ultimate goal is to establish a Caliphate State right here in Britain, and anyone who believes otherwise is fooling themselves. There must be no confusion about what constitutes as ‘British’; black, white, brown, mixed, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic – if you are in Britain, from Britain, live and work in Britain and you respect British values, then you are British. If you are in Britain, from Britain, live and work in Britain and you have no respect for British values and instead wish to impose your ways and beliefs on Britain, then you are not British. If you are a Muslim that rejects the brutal, barbaric methods used by extremism, then stand up and say it. I’m horrified by the fact that the vast majority of Muslims in this country seem to be keeping silent and, when questioned, instead revert back to how Islam is the ‘religion of peace’. But the submissive teachings of Islam do not allow its followers to question its methods, so that can only be expected. It is not, however, acceptable.

We all share one thing in common and that is the growing threat of Islamic Extremism, one that could have a devastating impact on the civilized world in years to come. Our only chance of conquering it is to stand united, no different to our ancestors. They did not allow us to fall victim to the tyranny and oppression of Nazi Germany, and we must not allow future generations to be at the mercy of this fresh wave of barbarians.  We cannot allow what is happening in the Middle East to spread further. We cannot allow the seeds of evil Islamic Extremism that have been planted here continue to grow. We mustn’t make the same mistakes that people made after the First World War, where the desire for peace only contributed towards the destruction of it. Our children and grandchildren must not pay the price for our ignorance and lack of action. We must act now, before it is too late.                                                                                                                                          never-surrender


2 thoughts on “To the British Public: Your Country Needs You

  1. Ange Ward

    I agree with most, with the main exception of “the Nazis never got to Britain”.
    The Channel Islands (part of the British Isles) were invaded & occupied by Nazi Germany for most of the Second World War. On 15 June the British government decided that the Channel Islands were of no strategic importance and would not be defended. Thus despite the reluctance of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the British government gave up the oldest possession of the Crown “without firing a single shot”. The Channel Islands served no purpose to the Germans other than the propaganda value of having occupied some British territory. On 28 June 1940, they sent a squadron of bombers over the islands and bombed the harbours of Guernsey and Jersey. In St Peter Port, the main town of Guernsey, some lorries lined up to load tomatoes for export to England were mistaken by the reconnaissance for troop carriers resulting in the deaths of islanders. At first, the Germans followed a policy of presenting a non-threatening presence to the resident population for its propaganda value ahead of an eventual invasion and occupation of the United Kingdom. The sight of brutality against slave workers brought home to many Islanders the reality of Nazi ideology behind the punctilious façade of the Occupation. A large number of people were active in resistance, a total of around 4000 people were sentenced for breaking German laws, prisoners were sent to continental prisons and camps, some never to return. Because of the small size of the islands, most resistance involved individuals risking their lives to save someone else. Soon after the sinking of HMS Charybdis on 23 October 1943, the bodies of 21 Royal Navy and Royal Marines men were washed up in Guernsey. The funerals became an opportunity for some of the islanders to demonstrate their loyalty to Britain and their opposition to the occupiers: around 5,000 Islanders attended laying some 900 wreaths – enough of a demonstration against the Occupation for subsequent military funerals to be closed to civilians by the German occupiers. In 1943, Vice Admiral Lord Mountbatten proposed a plan to retake the islands named Operation Constellation. The proposed attack was never mounted. There were only a small number of foreign and British Jews in the Channel Islands, but the Germans showed in the Channel Islands what they would have done to British Jews had they occupied Britain. Three Jewish women of German and Polish nationality had fled Central Europe to Guernsey in the 1930s but had been unable to leave Guernsey as part of the evacuation in 1940 as they were excluded by UK law. They were deported to France in April 1942 to be later shipped to Auschwitz where they were died. On 27 September 1944 when the islanders and German forces alike were on the point of starvation, Winston Churchill said “Let ’em starve. No fighting. They can rot at their leisure.” This quote is displayed at the Jersey War Tunnels & of course meant that the islanders were expected to rot with them. It took months of protracted negotiations before the International Red Cross ship SS Vega was permitted to relieve the starving islanders in December 1944, bringing Red Cross food parcels, salt and soap, as well as medical and surgical supplies. The Vega made five further trips to the islands before liberation on 8 May 1945. On 7 June the King and Queen visited Jersey and Guernsey to welcome the oldest possessions of the Crown back to freedom.
    Records released by the Public Records Office in 1996 suggest that as many as 900 babies of German fathers were born to Jersey women during the occupation.
    The Channel Islands Occupation Society was formed in order to study and preserve the history of this period.


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