Why Britain Must Leave the EU


On June 23rd 2016, Britain will decide whether to remain in the European Union or leave it. This decision affects each and every one of us who reside here; we have been gifted with the power to decide the fate of our nation, with each of us playing our individual role as judge and jury. As a result, I must make it very clear how essential it is that Britain calls upon her legendary courage and leaves the EU.

David Cameron is doing his best to scare the public into thinking this nation would collapse without being hand-held by the EU, but his argument is weak – and it is weak because he knows he has no real, viable argument. He argues a loss of jobs, loss of revenue and loss of support from European countries. But he, like many of the IN campaign supporters, are focussed primarily on money, despite much opposition to the contrary that Britain would flourish just as fine on her own. He is, in essence, a coward, afraid to rock the swiftly-sinking EU boat, unwilling to take the necessary risk this country needs in order to ensure its protection and prosperity in the long term. He ignores the very real threat of terrorists flooding into our country, seemingly under the strange apprehension that the shootings in France or the sex attacks in Germany would not happen over here. What good is it to focus primarily on income when the very lives of your citizens are at risk? How can he or his supporters allow safety to take a back-seat to greed, when one of the Paris terrorists had already been identified as an Islamist who had hidden among migrants and carried out his vile deed? How, also, can his supporters ignore the fact that this island simply cannot hold and support the thousands upon thousands of people flocking in due to the crisis in the Middle East? It spells only disaster and it is a sad day when unrealistic idealism trumps common sense and reason.

Some EU supporters will justify their decision to stay in the European Union by saying, “Well, it’s worked so far. We are fine. Why not stay in?” To that I would answer, times are changing and changing swiftly, nor are they changing for the better. The rise of ISIS, war in Syria and the influx of refugees – of which the EU has failed miserably to control in an effective manner – sends loud, clear, warning bells for this nation. Brussels have exposed the EU for what it truly is – a failed experiment, one which now puts the lives of every single person in this country at risk. The European Union are desperate for the UK to stick with them; after all, we give them £350 million every week. Of course, they would hate to see us leave! In return, we have the benefit of an EU dictatorship which ordains 75% of our laws, including refusing to allow us the right to deport terrorists who walk our own streets; we also have the benefit of being ordered to take thousands and thousands of migrants, where Islamic Extremists sneak in among the innocent and swell the ranks of homegrown extremists we have right here in Britain. May I also remind everyone reading this that it is the ultimate goal of every Islamist out there to strive for a worldwide Caliphate. It may be absurd for your average person in this country to imagine living in a world where non-believers are executed in brutal horrific ways, adulterers are stoned, homosexuals and the disabled are murdered for not fitting the creed and where girls are prostituted, raped and beaten as prizes for the everyday Islamist; but that is the downside to living in a privileged country. The horrors of the outside world are so alien to you that you let down your guard, you get too comfortable and you think nothing could disrupt the freedom, rights and benefits that being a citizen of this country gives you. Yet, even now, we have the very same people committing these atrocious acts in the Middle East working underground in our own country to play their role in spreading this cancerous ideology on a global scale; we have leaders who turn a blind eye to the serious dangers of keeping our borders wide open, where these people who detest us and our way of life are given the opportunity to sneak in. Last year alone, MI5 foiled 6 major terrorist plots in this country. The words ‘ticking time bomb’ spring to mind and anyone who thinks that our secret services can keep containing this unexploded bomb are fooling themselves.

At the end of the day, I suppose your decision to vote in or out depends entirely on what your priorities are. If your primary concern is wealth, so much that you choose to ignore the imminent threat that faces us, to live purely for the here and now, to sacrifice responsibility for luxury, then you will no doubt lean towards staying in the EU. If you are a socialist of Corbyn-type mindset who fails to recognize that temporary compassion for the unfortunate will result in the destruction of an entire nation and culture many years down the line, you will support the EU. If, however, you are concerned about the safety and well-being of your children, grandchildren, loved ones and future generations who have no say in the decision we will make for them today, you will vote out. Benjamin Franklin put it brilliantly:“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and will lose both.” No other sentiment could apply so aptly at this crucial point in our history. We have lost much of our independence and our identity already to the European Union. How much more are we willing to lose? Our ancestors sacrificed themselves in two great wars so that we may live as free people in the safety of our own country. Are we going to be so selfish and foolish as to condemn our own descendants to the complete opposite?

The EU is crumbling. It is up to us to decide whether we will sink with it, or save ourselves and swim to shore while we still can. For the sake of our country, our loved ones and our future, we must be brave and do the right thing. We must vote out.


Please share this article. It is imperative that everyone understands what is at stake. 


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